100 ways of sitting

IMG_3315Here is a quick update on what's streaming through my mind after "playing" my first week of the 100 day challenge: I thought that 100 ways of sitting would be a straight forward kinetic and kinesthetic based project. How do we sit? What do we sit on?

At first, that specific and focused lens on this one specific body based activity allowed me to filter out all the other noise and questions of chairs and office design, is it good or bad to sit... I was in research mode. The clear and narrow assignment structure gave me a sense of security and calm. It allowed me to lean in, to expand into the structure, the question, while holding me accountable to show up every single day.

After a few days I realized that my mind began to push against the structure: What is the definition of sitting? Is a bird sitting on the wire or standing on it? How about a plate? The food in my stomach????  The narrow assignment is expanding like yeast dough rising. The deeper I drill the richer the assignment becomes.

I am excited to keep pushing against the structure. It's simplicity gives it strength. I can trust it. This trust calms my mind and allows my ideas and thoughts to move freely. The monkeys in my mind can settle in a corner and take a break. I love this creative process!!