360 challenge: day one

IMG_2960 Woke up to this view. Surprised how small these mountains look considering they are over 12000 ft high.  Then I remember that the village is already above 11000 ft. The 70s condos - an architectural crime seen in many ski-resorts. I decided to leave the shades to blur the contrast of nature and man built.


Then my stomach did the 360s. Altitude sickness set in 10 hours after arrival, by the book. Despite drinking lots of water which helps prevent the altitude sickness I got it. Following my body on the ride to adjust to less oxygen and balancing new chemistry.


The last perspective of the day: ceiling as seen from my bed. Once I understood the whole physiological process of adjusting to high altitude with less oxygen I just watched my body in action, kidneys working hard, lungs, ribs moving, muscles tingling... and the ceiling.