A violin, a pen, a lacrosse stick and a frying pan

Photo on 5-28-14 at 5.18 PM What do these items have in common? The same that a toothbrush,a keyboard,a steering wheel and a fork have in common.

Did you figure it out?

As humans we have developed fantastic tools and toys that allow us to create, communicate and play. Whatever it is you hold in your hands or put under your feet,it creates a new dimension and with that a new experience. A bigger you interacting with the world.

I love walking on stilts, and bouncing on a trampoline. It allows me to reach much further into the world than I am able to with my body alone.Putting on a pair of skis gives me a wider base of support which allows for completely different movements than my feet could ever create. I also love experiencing the texture of the snow without freezing my feet off.

Playing the piano allows me to create sounds I couldn't even imagine creating with my voice alone (although Bobby McFerrin can). Using a frying pan allows me to make omelets and pancakes without burning my hands or the batter (I bet even Bobby McFerrin needs a frying pan for that)... and so on.

Think of these tools and toys as extensions of yourself. Imagine your sensory nerves reaching into the tennis racket or the bottom of your snowboard. You will be able to plan your movement, connect with the elements in a much more refined and fluid way without wasting time and force on the transition between body and tool. You will be able to feel the vibration of your guitar, the weight of the frying pan and the bristles of your toothbrush moving on your teeth. A rich lively experience in the most mundane of activities.

This more detailed kinesthetic information gives you freedom of choice. You will be able to precisely vary the amount of force and direction. Small adjustments will create huge changes with a sense of play and ease.

Try it and let me know what you think as you imagine your fingers extending into the keyboard of your laptop.