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IMG_7621So much has happened since my last post in May. Now it's the end of September with beginning of fall here in Vermont. My 100days of sitting project developed into this process that kept going and going. After 118 sitting posts I continued with 100ways of standing. I followed the progression of human development from sit to stand. This wasn't really planned in the beginning.

During the first few weeks of this work I saw the obvious, different ways of sitting, different surfaces to sit on... then I began to think about the definition of sitting. What does the word mean? and how do we use it? For example, shoes are sitting on a shelf but we stand and walk in them. What is a sitting duck and why is it a sitting duck ? Why do we have deep seated  beliefs and not deep standing beliefs?

After 100 days of working with sitting posts I felt like I could continue for ever. After day 118 I suddenly knew that it was time to stand. 100ways of standing started on day 119.

The shifts of meaning and the subtle change of lenses happened on their own. I didn't have to search for them. They just appeared.

I absolutely love the flow of an ongoing creative process. There is a rhythm that just presents itself.

The rules of 100 days of sitting were simple, the question started as straight forward and the timeline was defined.

The simplicity and clarity of this task allowed for depth and flow of the creative process. It also made it easy to show up on a daily basis.

Nature works the same way. Summer is here, it feels like the hot humid days just never end. I was stand-up-paddleboarding as often as possible, almost every day. I showed up on my board because of a race I signed up for. 6miles end of August. I needed to train, both for distance and speed.  Once race day was here I felt so grateful for the process that had happened the two month leading up to it. The race gave me  a goal and a structure to train for. Just like the 100days of sitting I had a structure that I just needed to enter. No thinking was necessary. I also had a  good training program that I had written in my calendar.

I just needed to show up and then the process started, always surprising me in what happens when I just put my body in a certain place. The mind followed.Always.

This week the temperature suddenly changed. Still sunny calm days on the lake and yet, one day I suddenly felt the cold temperature creeping under my skin of my feet. It was time to pull out my neoprene boots for paddling.  It was the subtle drop in temperature every night over a week or more that caused that shift. The same shift that quietly shows up in your life, just like sitting changing to standing and summer changing to fall.

My body also noticed the shift. Same food, same layers of cloths every day, more or less. I enjoyed many nights sleeping in my seeping bag on our screened in porch. Same porch, same sleeping bag. Until I one morning last week woke up with that dry raw feeling on my face. I knew it was time to move inside.

I love that the rhythm of things are inherent. We just have to show up to experience.