Does your car get more attention than your body?

This morning I spent 60 minutes at my primary care physician's office. I had scheduled my annual check up that by now was about one and a half years overdue.  I almost cancelled since there are so many pressing projects waiting to be addressed. I also hate, I mean absolutely hate, waiting and filling out forms. This appointment would eat up precious work and play time. I dread appointments like this. Since my last check up one and a half years ago, I have spent more hours and miles than I can count at my car shop. There is no question that my car needs regular service with tuning, inspection, change of seasonal tires, attending to a small leak or unfamiliar noise.  After all, this is the vehicle that transports my family and myself. It's essential that my car is safe and sound.  I have no passion for cars. I just appreciate mine for its reliability, safety and  essential function. Living in the country makes a car an essential link to community, work and play.  My doctor's visit this morning is causing me to look at my body as an even more critical vehicle that warrants at least as much attention as my car. Imagine if we would spend  as much time, attention and money on our bodies as we spend on our cars? How would your body feel? Imagine re reading the manual and paying more attention to service intervals? Turning up the radio, and singing along as you gently accelerate into the day. ..