Form - Function

Form follows function. The paradigm for movement as well as design. While flying from the Green Mountains to the Rocky Mountains I saw a lot of flat land in between these two fabulous mountain ranges. Even with the snow cover you can clearly see the outlined fields. The flat land practically screams agriculture.

Here, form invited function. Nature presents itself in a certain form. Our humanness allows us to make choices in how we want the landscape to function.

We have evolved in mind and body based on our functioning in the environment. We moved from four legged to two legged beings, our larynx has dropped deep into our throats so we can make differentiated sounds, we call language and so the evolution goes on.

So really, function follows form AND form follows function.

I find this relationship so exciting since it makes it obvious that an active dialogue between the two is asked for. With active and careful listening to our surroundings and to our inside/insight, the process unfolds and so we are invited to grow as intelligent inhabitants of this planet and surrounding.

AND not OR