Huddle and cuddle

I did watch the Superbowl last night.  It reminded me of the game I played whit my kids when they were little: tickle monster!  I don't understand the rules of football and have no cultural connection to the game since I grew up in Europe.  This gives me the advantage of seeing the game through an unedited lens. I must admit that the game looks really fun to play.  Seeing these guys just throwing themselves on top of each other I can't help but smiling. Tackling, huddling, racing, teasing, I see delightful play- if I take away the helmets, the gear, the steroid pumped layer of these bodies, the millions of dollars price tags.  In my mind I see little kids on the field - laughing while playing.

These players are privileged in many ways. They are not only allowed to do what kids are punished for on the playground and in schools, they get payed for it and cheered on by millions of fans.

Am I advocating for pro-football? NO. I am advocating for physical free play during childhood.  My daughter tells me that her school lectures and forbids  PDA. It sounded like a sexually transmitted disease to me. She told me that this is about kids hugging, giving each other "piggy back rides" , sharing a chair, leaning on each other. Public Display of Affection. It's a small school and there are no couples making out in the hallways.

How can we educate the "Whole Child" when we outlaw anything kinaesthetic beyond walking in an unengaged pace, sitting, or getting on and off the school bus?