I missed you

Photo on 9-22-14 at 9.57 AM I thought I would take the summer off to play outside and travel. Now that I am back in my studio on a regular schedule,I realize how much I missed this part of my process. By process I mean the process of exploring, playing, reflecting, creating, teaching, sharing.

I missed the contained quality of my computer screen. It's format frames my thoughts at the same time as it leads me to the depth of the digital world. The screen doesn't stare at me like white paper,the new page of a notebook, does.

I missed the light of the screen that sends energy my way. I missed the soft bounce of the keys that make up the keyboard. I missed how the slightly concave surface of the keys allows my fingertips to land so softly and make them feel so cradled without taking away from the freedom and flow of movement.

I missed how all these physical qualities allow my thoughts to flow out of my head. My laptop as my interface, my vocal cords to connect and share with my online community.

As much as I appreciate the spatial boundaries of the screen I do appreciate the endless and flowing qualities of the world beyond the screen.

As a vagabond, a person with not one but many places to call home, knowing to be connected in a seamless way with my community that spans across continents as well as across professions, passions and belief systems, allows me to breath just a tiny bit deeper.

This deeper breath seems to gently soften the tight edges of my thoughts. The breath, the support of my fingertips, the comforting boundaries of the screen together create a framework to play within. The clarity of the exterior allows for such fluid free experience and quality of my internal process.