Is Kinetic Strategy App-licable?

IMG_4890Just in case you missed it, the kinetic strategy work I did with the Oxbow team tis summer is published on Medium.  I had a blast working with Jon and Evan and learned a lot about how to make my work accessible and meaningful for super busy creatives. Since then we have been talking about what a kinetic strategy app could look like and what areas of our lives can be meaningfully supported by apps.

Meditation certainly didn't come to mind as an app-licable area. The meditation app Headspace proofed us wrong - it's so hugely succesful and reaches people who normally wouldn't meditate but really benefit from it-such as my adrenaline driven teenage daughter for example. Discussing the mediation app with some young digital creatives I got some strong opinions on keeping technology out of the spiritual realm.  At the same time there are daily feeds with mediations, prayers, motivational and mindfulness wisdom... Still pondering this. There sometimes is a fine line between useful supportive and white noise on the screen.  What do you think?

I'll keep you posted on a potential kinetic strategy app development. Would love to hear your thoughts, dreams and wishes on what would be useful for your daily life.