Join me in the 360 challenge

Photo on 3-23-15 at 9.29 AM #2 Each day during the next 10 days (thursday 3/26- saturday 4/4)  I will be posting 3 photos (taken with my phone because it's easy) and 3 sentences from 3 different angles.  It will be like the 3 meals a day routine.

With these 3 vignettes I will have covered a 360 degree perspective, each time a 120 degree shift from the previous angle.

Photo 1: upright and forward,  Photo 2: leaning 120 degrees away from position 1,  Photo 3: leaning 240 degrees away from position 1. By the end of the day I will have come full circle. The motives of the photos can be different each time. Keeping it simple.

This is inspired by a snowboarding trick that's called "3" and is a 360 degree turn in mid air. Since I will be watching my daughter and many other USASA snowboarders play and compete at Copper Mountain, CO  during these coming 10 days and since I can't even stand up on a snowboard without great anxiety this will be my way of playing and throwing 360s out there.

Since you don't have to be on snow or in the mountains for these 360s, I am hoping that you will join and play as well - no competition, no medals, just fun and new perspectives of the ordinary.

Please add your 360s to the comment section below.

Can't wait to play!