Leaning in

DSC_1075 Have you ever watched a Lacrosse game? Watching my daughter's high school team playing I can't stop being amazed by how these players lean into the game.

Each one of these 12 girls are fully committed with every fiber of their beings. As they wait for the rev to blow the whistle to start the game their feet are firmly planted, their bodies reaching diagonally forward and up with their lacrosse stick extending this dynamic diagonal. Once the whistle sounds these girls move like racehorses let loose. The lacrosse sticks create a fabulous extension mostly into the space above and in front of the players. A fourth dimension specific to this game. The fast running across the field,navigating past opponents while quickly turning their stick to not drop the ball. How many elements not only to keep track off but to actually keep lively and dynamic.

I imagine how a work meeting or a college class would evolve if each one of the participants would lean into that game as much as these lacrosse players. Instead of lacrosse sticks they would extend their intentions, their trust and creative momentum. Each one of the participants would have quick and nimble "dance" with team mates and opponents, pushing off, keeping the intentions and moving the stick quickly to not drop the ball. Each one leaning into the game with every single fiber of their bodies.