One sign, one word changes your experience.

Before this sign was placed on the trail I knew to look out for oncoming skiers and snow boarders on the merging trail ahead.

It's a learned behavior that helps survival on the slopes. Every time there is a merging trail a short narrative associated with a quick turning of the head was automatic. "Slow down, look up and then go if clear." The experience of feeling racing inconsiderate skiers coming from the top and cutting close to me reinforced this behavior. "Phew, glad I looked, would have been killed otherwise...."

Now there is a sign. LOOK! As soon as I see this sign my head turns right and I find my eyes looking into the trees. Beautiful trees. I also see the tree the sign is mounted on.

The sign changes my experience. I see the trees, I question the meaning of the sign. It creates a pleasant experience. I have to refocus to make sure I also pay attention to the merging trail ahead.

LOOK we do but do we SEE?

Where are you looking? How does a sign or other loud stimulus change that? What do you see? What do you think when you see?

One sign.