The challenge of dissonance

ImageTime is moving really fast for me right now. At the same time I am witnessing the beauty of nature's deceleration, retrieving and gathering for winter.

The transition from summer to fall holds tension.

Nature,my body,asks to slow down and gather. At the same time,my mind is tethered to a schedule that seems like spring on steroids - fast paced and multilayered with a quality of high tempo and expansiveness. This dissonance between internal and external directions and rhythms creates friction.

Friction creates heat and heat equals inflammation in body-language. The most simple forms of inflammation are colds and fevers,an upset stomach,a headache,muscle aches. Our bodies need energy to deal with inflammation which is the reason we feel tired and exhausted when we feel sick. Friction also eats energy - a tug of war between the internal and external world. My emotional muscles fatigue more easily.

I am experimenting with the impact of heightened awareness. Being aware and paying attention to this time of dissonance has helped me,so far,to dodge the virus that's moving through my community and that found half of my students at the college I teach. I am wondering if I can dissipate the dichotomy of internal and external demands by acknowledging and being mindful of the tug of war that's going on.

I am one week into this experiment and so far I have noticed a shift,a slow release of the friction and heat, immediately after I acknowledge the struggle. This moment of awareness seems to create a pause for the tug of war and allows for a deeper breath,a yielding quality that lets my body exhale and release without getting swept away.

I will keep you updated on how this awareness experiment is unfolding. In the meantime I will also attempt to get a somewhat solid night of sleep and eat healthy meals. Sugar also feeds inflammation and sleep is the time for the body to heal. Is it a coincidence that Vermont's sweet sugar maple trees have the most beautiful red colored autumn leaves?