The six senses

While watching the TED Talk "Jinsop Lee: Design for all 5 senses " I got impatient. His presentation and design concept is brilliant yet he is missing the most obvious: our sixth sense, the kinesthetic, or as I prefer, the kinaesthetic, sense.

All the other five senses are driven by our body interacting with our environment. An omnipresent sense in our body is our proprioceptive sense. The sense that allows us to know where our body is in space. The sense that drives the kinaesthetic experience per se. Sensory information on where, for example, our legs are without the need to see them helps our brain to plan for the next movement. A complex system that is very cumbersome and incomplete to direct with only 5 senses.

Jinsop Lee illustrated his design concept of five senses with the activity of riding a motorcycle. Touch, sight, smell, taste, and sound all are greatly present in this activity. Yet, imagine all this without the actual movement, the sense of balance, the leaning into a turn, the jolting and stomach dropping sensation with acceleration and deceleration, in short, the experience that makes us take the risk of falling off the bike.

The sensory input that deeply changes our bodychemistry second by second is purely kinesthetic. It is also old. Just imagine the lullaby and warm cradle without the rocking?