What if there is one question that opens doors to the creative mind?

photo These past few days were overwhelmingly challenging for me. Just when I felt ground under my feet again, an new challenge dropped into my life. I found my ability for creative problem-solving narrowing with every challenge. The rigidity of my mind became painful. My body followed suit with tight shoulders, aching back and shallow breathing. Ultimately I started bracing for impact the moment I got up in the morning.

Yesterday's two super intensive as well as intelligent exercise classes changed this trajectory. I was pushed beyond my limits both in endurance, balance,core stability as well as isolated muscle strength. I left the gym feeling as strong and centered as never before in my life (yes it's true, I didn't grow up with sports and fitness, this came later:)

These classes were so challenging for me that I was forced to completely drop into in my body. I had to forget about all the worries that had taken over my thinking, my life.  I had to forget about bracing for impact. The more exhausted I felt the more I dropped into "the zone", that blissful state where body and mind are one. I did what I thought was impossible and came out of the experience feeling better than ever.

What if?

This morning, ready to brace myself for impact, I paused: What if I stay with the kinaesthetic feeling of strength? What if my new found core and balance also support my mind? What if I use the same strategy I used in yesterday's exercise classes to move through these problematic situations that had thrown me off my feet earlier this week?  What if I don't brace for impact but stay connected with my breath, the ground under my feet, my core and let my shoulders rest on my torso?

It's now mid afternoon and I have managed to stay on my feet, breath through every emotional and intellectual challenge that had thrown me off  these past days. I have been able solve communication issues, logistical issues, as well as reconnect with my creative thinking all in a very effortless way.

So what if all it takes is to drop into your body? What if connecting with your breath and finding the ground under your feet opens up a whole new layer of creative energy?  What if?