Whoa Zone


When were you in the Whoa Zone last? That liminal space between complete exhilarating excitement and the feeling of "@**# how am I going to get out of here alive".

I have been finding myself in the Whoa zone quite a bit lately. I am an adrenaline addict, I am curious, I love feeling alive and new. Somewhere in the whoa experience comes the "@**#.. what have I done, how do I stop, can I do this? " moment.

Sounds familiar?

Robert Frost must have been in the Whoa zone a bit too. He figured out that "The only way out is through" You got to ride it out and stay connected. When approaching the end of the run, use your kinesthetic intelligence, trust the laws of physics and stay connected with your breath - oh - and keep those unruly thoughts waiting until you have stepped out of the whoa zone.