Work in progress

IMG_3675 Here are some projects I have been diving into lately. Some of them are in full swing, some in their tender beginnings.  All are new uncharted territory and super exciting.

I joined this creative project "The 100 day challenge." I am exploring sitting. One observation every day for 100 days. The lens is the same: Sitting. The questions seem to shift. What is defined as sitting? Where do we sit? Where does the seated position support us? What does the act of sitting entail?  With all the bad rep that sitting gets these days, I am intrigued by how easy we generalize an activity that is as complex as it is diverse. Check out my daily sitting pics on my instagram: 100 ways of sitting

I am super excited about the The Moran Project . The Moran Plant here in Burlington is an amazing and intriguing building with a short and powerful history. I have gathered a super inspired group of local artists, who are known way beyond Vermont, to collaborate on a multidisciplinary performance in the building. None of us 7 involved artists have every worked together and barley know each other. Yet each one is entering this process with fearless enthusiasm and curiosity. We will begin shortly. Stay tuned.

A new kinetic strategy exploration:  Working with the Oxbow team. I am working with these two most inspired guys , Jon and Evan, on exploring how their physical environment and their kinesthetic patterns affect their creative work. The goal here is to increase their already super high creative output with less physical effort. I will post documentation of the process shortly.

My outside playtime: exploring movement on water, snow and ice. This time in Vermont is rich. I am able to ski to swim and paddle along and through a sheet of ice. Endless opportunities that change by the day. The kinesthetic experience changes with it. I have been so immersed in the experience that I slacked on the documentation end. Note to myself for next year.