Writing in my head

20140522-002645-1605613 I am writing on my book, every day between 9 am and 11:30 am after one hour of exercise and a healthy relaxing protein rich breakfast. My writing space is inviting and well organized. I just feel the words floating from my brain on to the computer screen. I never miss a day of this routine which allows me to move along with my book much quicker than anticipated.

Hello are you still here? Did you really think this scenario is actually happening? Do you know anybody with a routine like that?

In my mind I have played this scenario hundreds of times like a film scene stuck on the rewind command.

Maybe I need a different writing space, maybe I should be baking instead or cleaning my closet or signing up for the PTO ( my daughter will graduate in three weeks,so what ...) or just practice mindfulness with my cats who make my eyes water and my nose itch or maybe - oh wait - it's time to drive to the high school to cheer on my daughter at her lacrosse game.

I'll try again tomorrow after another ten times of replaying that scene in my head. Maybe I can even finish chapter 12 by tomorrow - in my head.