Writing through the key hole

Photo on 5-22-14 at 8.37 PM My head is filled to the brim with stories,reflections and impressions I want to share in my writing.These stories are all related,intertwined like threads of a web or rooms of a house.

Where should I begin? Which is the thread that unravels the whole clump of yarn? Which key will open the door to the house? What is the word that allows the stories to unfold?

I stare at the keys,the threads,the stories in my head. I see images,complex stories. Images are simultaneous,words are sequential.This step by step,word by word unraveling of the story asks for choices. I need to begin somewhere. John Cage said "Begin anywhere". Easier said than done Mr Cage. Where is anywhere? Another choice, another decision.

Next time I will put on my wide angle lens, maybe even squint my eyes to make the picture a bit more blurry. With less details and a larger perspective I might just be able to start anywhere or at least somewhere.