Photo credit: Amira Silverman

Photo credit: Amira Silverman


The word liminality is derived from the Latin word limen and means threshold. I first encountered the word when I was studying theatrical anthropology while in graduate school, and have been intrigued by its meaning ever since.

Today we are more exposed to liminality than ever before--as we move perpetually and ambiguously between physical and digital worlds. In this, the body is our interface.

My work explores how self, body, and place inform, shape, and define each other, in the transitions; in the spaces between. It looks at how movement, habit, and intention--or a lack of it--shape how we experience and interact in our landscapes, both inner and outer.

It is an invitation to the viewer to explore how subtle shifts in perspective can completely alter our experience--in our bodies and in the world. It’s about inviting you to be curious; to become aware of the possibility and potential for the new in the familiar.


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