This site-specific performance happened in one of the Vermont Railway salt sheds, hidden in plain sight behind the Karma Birdhouse Gallery in Burlington Vermont. Developed in collaboration with Experiential Designer, Craig Winslow and Sound Designer, Miles Dean the performance took place in phases, moving through a series of experiences that fully immersed the audience. 

The invite-only audience came, blindly trusting.

They were taken on an adventure

Truly improv, walking in anticipation

Open to the unknown.

The performance was about listening to what the environment had to ask.

It was an exploration of duality:

Seeing and perceiving.

Crystalline structure and fluid motion.

Clear lines and blurred edges.

Strong and vulnerable.

Interior and exterior.

Analog and digital.

Value and worthlessness.

It was about blurring the boundaries between audience and dancer; between music and light, salt, and body. In both planning for the performance, and in the actual performance, it was about balancing preparation, with an openness for the unexpected. It was a truly intimate, transformative experience for both the performers and the audience, that pushed each participant to encounter the familiar in the unfamiliar, and discover new ways to perceive themselves in a truly multi-sensory way.

You can read more about the performance at Adobe Create Magazine and on Seven Days

This performance was selected as one of Seven Days Top 10 Art Exhibitions of 2016


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Holly Chagnon

Nicole Dagesse

Christine Holt

Sarah Macdonald

Mia Pinheiro

Elizabeth Marie Seyler

Jonathan Silverman

Liesje Smith

Avi Waring

Martha Whitfield

Michelle Winchell Struckholz

Lida Winfield


Photo & Video

Amira Silverman

Maxine Senft Miller

Micah Dudash, Driven Studio

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Vermont Rail System

Brion Muzzy

Giovanna and Michael Jager

Giovanna Jager, Karma Bird House Gallery

Adobe Creative Residency

Signal Kitchen

Barbara Heath, live saxophone

Peter Fried, visual artist

Katy Hellman, Gallery Event Organization

Jane Frank Jewelry

Maria Gould, honeybloombeauty.com

Gary Coffey

Lake Champlain Chocolates