Erika Senft Miller is an interdisciplinary performance artist whose research-based practice explores the power of movement as a means of expression, collaboration, connection, and a deep examination of both a site and its culture.

Miller’s history is a dynamic one: she has relocated seventeen times, speaks five languages, and has spent over twenty years teaching in universities, theaters, design studios, and other art and community centers. She trained in dance theater with Fe Reichelt, holds a doctorate in Dance Education, has passionately pursued skiing and stand-up paddle boarding, and continually experiments with new forms of movement. Most recently Miller has organized a core group of collaborators whose backgrounds are wildly diverse. Together they have formed her Performance Lab, working on a variety of projects including SiteTime and offSiteonTime. Current members are Alana Rancourt Phinney, Lydia Kern, Navah Stein, Holly Chagnon, Mireya Guerra, and Sage Horsey.