Erika Senft Miller is a conceptual performance artist actively exploring and embracing the power of movement through rigorous academic research, a careful pattern of creative productivity, and in-depth multimedia integration and documentation of her work.

Including five languages; seventeen relocations; and twenty years teaching at universities, theaters, design studios, and other art and community centers; Miller’s life has been as dynamic and site-specific as her creative output. The boundary between her art and the rest of her life is something she has never considered to be a necessary distinction, always furthering the nuances of her creative process regardless of set and setting. In her words, “To work is to play; to play is to work.” Whether through her early ventures into advertising; training in dance theater with Fe Reichelt; touring with the Panoptikum Movement Theater Company; passionately pursuing skiing and stand-up paddleboarding; or experimenting with new movement forms like parkour, bouldering, or surfing; she continues to absorb her environment and connect place, experience, and culture. All the while, her work and her life are guided and propelled by her strongly-held belief that if we engage in the process we constantly grow and change.

Recently, Miller has orchestrated a core group of collaborators that have formed her Performance Lab to work on a variety of projects including SiteTime. The current members of the Performance Lab are: Holly Chagnon, Mireya Guerra, Sage Horsey, Lydia Kern, Alana Rancourt Phinney and Navah Stein.

All images courtesy Kayhl Cooper.