The concept of white noise speaks to the things we don’t notice: the static sounds that surround us, the systems that operate in the background. That concept is the current that runs through the ongoing collaboration of Senft Miller, experiential designer Craig Winslow and sound designer Miles Dean. In 2016, it manifested as White Noise Now: Salt. The second installation of the project focused on heat, with a performance in the recently vacated Blodgett Oven factory in Burlington’s South End.

Concrete connections to the concept of “heat” abounded in a site like the oven factory, but Senft Miller also found inspiration in the assembly line nature of the space. Specifically, how it relates to the idea of heat as a process. “You need more than one component, and connectivity, to create it,” she says. It’s the same in a factory. Metal is cut, wires are wired, parts are welded, and a product emerges. The sequence of the ovens’ assembly scored the experience, which employed light, sound and movement to explore the space.

Senft Miller conducted a collaborative choreographic process and designed and sourced costumes and props that interrogated the past and present function of the building, first as an oven factory, and soon as a collaborative workspace. Senft Miller’s Performance Lab, University of Vermont dance students and additional dancers from the community provided movement.


Produced With Miles Ewell: Sound Erika Senft Miller: Movement Craig Winslow: Video & Light

Movement and Choreography
Holly Chagnon Mireya Guerra Sage Horsey Alana Rancourt Phinney Navah Stein Martha Ming Whitfield Angela Arsenault Lydia Kern Jill Lyons Meghan Letizia Meghan McClure Allison Piette

Production assistance
Sage Horsey, Lydia Kern, Neha Shastri

Costumes and Props Erika Senft Miller assisted by Lydia Kern

Graphic Design Craig Winslow

Copywriting Neha Shastri

Box office: Neha Shastri, Anna Senft Miller, Nate Stritzler

Thank you for ongoing support: Downs Rachlin Martin, John Miller, Anna Senft Miller, Maxine Senft Miller, Maggie Bignell

Special thanks to Russ Scully and John Caulo for sharing an incredible space and vision. HULA, the future of this site, will be amazing.

Photo and Video: Micah Dudash, Renee Greenlee, Katherine O’Brien, William Cottiss, Maxine Senft Miller