Inspired by and created with her daughter Anna Senft Miller, Move Your Mind began as an exploration of the ways in which people interact, learn, and create in the physical space around them. The project is focused on sharing new possibilities for designing and engaging with one’s environment that may enhance the mind-body connection and improve energy, focus, creativity, and productivity for people of all ages.

The project was piloted at the King Street Youth Center in Burlington, Vermont with a tutoring program that pairs young children with community members to work one-on-one toward academic goals. The Millers shared their research and worked with the tutors to design various ways to encourage kinesthetic and sensory engagement among the students. The result featured a variety of learning tools including whiteboards on which to draw their multiplication tables, soccer balls to dribble while reciting their weekly vocabulary, and yoga balls and skateboard-like balance boards (known as Vew-Do boards) to balance on while reading.

Following the success of the tutoring program, the Millers partnered with Generator makerspace and Eugene Korsunskiy, professor of Design Thinking at Dartmouth, to develop a program for high school students at King Street. Over several weeks, the students explored and identified their kinesthetic needs and, based on those findings, designed and built their own unique styles of furniture geared toward facilitating more engaged and energized studying.


Made in collaboration with Anna Senft Miller, Eugene Korsunskiy, Generator Makerspace and King Street Youth Center.

Photographer Renee Greenlee.