We are both the input and the output–the subject and the object–the message and the messenger. Sending and receiving signals, passing information from eyes to hands, hands to screen, screen to server, and back again. These signals give shape to our environments–forming identities, relationships, communities, and networks. A blurry swarm of processes and feedback loops, transforming through constant gestures. We pause and save, we get up and stretch. When the technical is natural and the digital becomes physical do our bodies become translators or devices? Do we shape our environments or do they shape us? What is website-specific?


Output / Input was an interactive installation created through a collaboration between artist Erika Senft Miller and Alder Studio at the Karma Bird House Gallery, 47 Maple St. Burlington, Vermont from May 24 – June 4 during normal gallery hours. The work was installed shortly after the launch of this website, the process of creating which considered the question; what is website specific?

Photographer Dan Cardon