Inspired by its history and fueled by its future, Miller called upon fellow creatives in dance, sound, and light to join her in an exploration of the Moran Plant, an abandoned coal power plant and one of the last remaining original structures of Burlington, Vermont’s once-industrial waterfront. The plant powered the city from 1954–1986, but received rejuvenating energy in 2013 from New Moran, Inc., a local nonprofit working to transform the building into a community hub. During that time, artists, musicians, and other creatives were invited to imagine the potential of the structure through a series of events. Powered by Moran was one of the first events of the series.

The piece was a site-specific, improvisational, and multi-sensory performance encouraging discovery of the fascinatingly derelict building in new and unexpected ways while focusing on the power of collective experience and the historical function of the plant. About Moran, Miller stated, “The memory of intense heat from the generation of power is everywhere, yet the space itself is now cold and abandoned. Gritty, dark, and industrial. It’s filled with catwalks above and water-filled ducts below. Being in it is incredibly energizing.” The building was not merely a stage—it was a dynamic and interactive environment for a multilevel performance that encased and engaged both performers and audience.

As part of Make Moran, a retrospective exhibition of work made in the Moran Plant between 2013–2015, Miller was joined by four other artists in reinterpreting the original work in a new setting. Supported by photographer Monika Rivard, the photographs of Miller’s performance were translated into an installation. Alongside the installation of images, Miller created 4 sculptures using objects found in the building recontextualizing them with questions printed on the floor of the gallery.



  • June 7, 2015 (Powered by Moran, performance)
  • September 11—October 9, 2015 (Make Moran, installation)


  • Moran Plant - Burlington, Vermont - performance
  • Karma Bird House - Burlington, Vermont - installation


  • 45 minutes
  • Two Performances

Movers Paul Besaw, Erika Senft Miller, Marly Spieser-Schneider

Movement Choir Director Sara McMahon

Lights John B. Forbes

Projection Hilary Hess

Sound Miles Dean Ewell

Movement Choir Erin Duffee, Laura Gordon, Beth Hartmann, Chong Ho Kim, Joy Madden, Anna Senft Miller, Jonathan Silverman, Lida Winfield, Martha Ming Whitfield, Abby Pepin

Photographer Monika Rivard

Moran Historian Roger Donegan