White Noise Now: SALT was a blurring of the boundaries between audience and dancer; music and light; site and body. Much of our experience in our fast paced, technology fueled lives lends itself to sonic and visual clutter. There is an endless source of ‘white noise’ that we tend to ignore and have a habit of tuning out only to have it act as a constant cacophony of senses, in the background. Experiential designer Craig Winslow, sound designer Miles Dean and movement artist & choreographer Erika Senft Miller set out to draw attention to the concept of white noise in our everyday lives by honing in on some of these sounds and sights to examine how we may feel when we are confronted with that which we are so used to ignoring — White Noise Now: SALT was the first iteration of their joint explorations.

The trio began with an exploration of an often-ignored space hidden in plain sight behind The Karma Bird House in Burlington: the Vermont Railway salt shed. Determined to understand the context of the space, Miller researched the production, utilization, and role of salt throughout history, and the inner workings and processes of the Vermont Railway System.

The performance took place in phases, moving through a series of experiences leading from the KBH gallery to the salt shed with live saxophone and dancers on a gravel mound in front of the shed and an immersive performance of projection mapping, dance, and audio inside. Sound designer Miles Dean created a MIDI-based system to control solenoids geared to strike the interior of the salt shed in rhythm with the piece. Dancers brought life to the performance with props including shovels, wheelbarrows, and a television. The amalgamation of performers, sensory stimuli, and the more than two hundred audience members alike (who had arrived by invitation only—a reference to the intentionality of both salt crystals and the railroad system) pushed all participants to encounter the familiar and the unfamiliar with new modes of perception. More on White Noise Now, here.


Produced With Craig Winslow, Experiential Design & Miles Dean, Sound Design

Holly Chagnon
Nicole Dagesse
Christine Holt
Sarah Macdonald
Mia Pinheiro
Elizabeth Marie Seyler
Jonathan Silverman
Liesje Smith
Avi Waring
Martha Whitfield
Michelle Winchell Struckholz
Lida Winfield

Photo & Video
Amira Silverman
Maxine Senft Miller
Micah Dudash, Driven Studio

Special Thanks
Vermont Rail System
Brion Muzzy
Giovanna and Michael Jager
Karma Bird House Gallery
Adobe Creative Residency
Signal Kitchen
Barbara Heath, live saxophone
Peter Fried, visual artist
Katy Hellman, gallery event organization
Jane Frank Jewelry
Maria Gould,
Gary Coffey
Lake Champlain Chocolates