• June 5, 2019
  • 5-6:30 p.m.
  • The Karma Bird House Gallery
  • 47 Maple Street Burlington, Vermont

OffSiteOnTime Scene 7: Drying is a collaborative performance installation created by Erika Miller Performance Lab to take place June 5, 2019 between 5-6:30 p.m. in front of Karma Bird House Gallery in Burlington, Vermont.

Drying is a continuation of the Lab’s OffSiteOnTime project, which began as a two year multi-artist installation and performance series in the Vermont Art Council’s sculpture garden, funded by that same organization. Since then, the Lab has evolved the project into an examination of the cordwood curing process and the liminal space between performance and installation, audience and performer.

While the topic is highly specific, the examination — movements presented by Lab members and other installation components — provides a conceptual take that challenges viewers to investigate one specific facet of the source inspiration. In this case, the process of drying. Like all OffSiteOnTime performance installations, Drying lasts for 90 minutes. The duration is a challenge to both the movers and the audience (anyone who is driving or walking by, entering the cafe, or who decides to stop and view the full event) as most performances clock in at 60 minutes or less. “Drying takes time,” Senft Miller says. “You can’t rush the process, there’s no interference. You’re just part of it. It’s a slow transfer of mass.”

As in all of her work, Senft Miller seeks to encourage every participant — performer and viewer — to become an active collaborator who shapes the meaning and execution of the project. Performance Lab members include Holly Chagnon, Mireya Guerra, Lydia Kern, and Navah Stein. Drying will include a video installation which will display videos by Micah Dudash of previous scenes.